Eric Fleischman

Professional Information


I am software executive & engineer with a history of working on distributed systems, mostly (but not entirely) in the form of online services. I have worked on the v < next > of existing systems as well as v1's. I have worked on these systems in numerous roles, including Chief Architect, VP Engineering, software engineer and program/product manager. I have held numerous leadership roles over my ~20 years in this industry.
My LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Recent Positions

I was previously Chief Architect & VP Engineering for DocuSign where I focused on "everything below the API."

In a previous life I spent nearly a decade @ Microsoft. My last project was in the Windows Live group where I was responsible for the Microsoft account (aka LiveID, aka Passport) core service as well as the Windows 8 client investment (aka Connected Accounts, allowing users to log on with their Microsoft account). I lead the technical program management team for these areas.
Before Microsoft account I worked on Azure on a set of v1 Azure services. I was responsible for a system called Nimbus, a scale-out VM management service that operated at high scale over hundreds of thousands of virtual machines. I was the development lead for this effort.
Before Azure I worked on SkyDrive/Mesh, and before that Active Directory.


I attended Colby College and graduated in Computer Science & minored in Mathematics. I was also a Senior Scholar.
While at Colby I did 2 years of work in human cognition under the direction of Randy Jones on a system named Cascade. My senior scholars project focused on this area/system. More information about that work can be found here.

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